We can divide the car owners that are fans of these activities into two main groups: those, who unfortunately have limited budgets, but we are totally apprehensive, and those, who listen to our reccomendations without any budget restrictions. Simply put, there are consumers that are able to assemble an exhaust ending and a „turbo“ sign and think of it as of „performance parts“, but here we call it „Tesco tuning“. This does not correspond with our nature, but if the car owner is happy with that it cannot be treated as a bad move.
Nowadays, the Internet is full of information that are of highy commercial character. Due to the fact that Mustang is one of the most tuned cars in the world, we can find the substantial amount of information also as far as Mustangs are concerned. Nevertheless, we see an essential problem here. There is a big difference between choosing a company that owns only an online store and its aim is to increase its turnover at all costs, and a company that has its own development, production, construction and testing of the goods sold.
Why do we describe the things that most of you already know? Yes, Mustang is beeing tuned a lot, but often very badly, or rather half-heartedly. Typical online store is going to barely tell you that if you buy for example lower springs, your car will be lower as well, but its drivability will get much worse. We do not want to analyze the reasons, but we would like to mention, that silencers and the whole axles were designed to the different height and thetefore will not work properly! That applies also for the increase of power without the adjustments of cooling and much more.